Products, Software, & Services

Mass Notification Software - MNS

Up to the second messaging alerts, information, and updates can be viewed from wherever you are. Crisis communication tools at your side.

Send and receive messages to every person or just a group of people located inside the geofenced location.  Informing the right people at the right time is key to keeping people safe during an event. Using customized Ready-U messages that are ready to send will help aid in providing clarity when disruption hits.

Police Alert Button

Facilities based life safety visual alerts and technology aimed at protecting lives.

Automatic and manual initiation of voice and visual alerts can be integrated into your current overhead paging or voice evacuation system. Common area POLICE blue buttons installed strategically throughout a facility designed to decrease response times by local law enforcement teams.  We can notify occupants using existing on-premise notification systems whenever possible.

Active Shooter Responder

We quickly involve the local emergency responders and educate everyone on the response level needed to avert a potential disaster.

We connect the community together by involving local law enforcement in the roll out of the Ready-U active threat platform.  Providing them with tools and software which helps aid in the response each step of the way.  First responders can be enrolled into the program for instant notification, receiving notifications faster than the traditional route.  However, we still believe in using traditional routes at the same time so that it will be sent through the proper channels.  Having these redundancies ensures that we don’t sacrifice speed for accuracy or vice versa.  Every second counts in the response to an act of violence.

Active Threat Training Programs - R.E.A.C.T

Instruction and insight on how to survive an active threat event.  We highlight awareness and the value of being vigilant.

Learn what to expect when the unexpected happens.  Reducing the number of fatalities is our top concern.  With the proper training and reinforcement, we can help reduce or eliminate the chances of there being multiple deaths during an active shooter event.   We hit upon “how to survive” and our message can be learned easily by all.  It all starts with R.E.A.C.T!!!

Notify and R.E.A.C.T.

Breaking the “FREEZE” and remembering your training when it matters most. Overhead coaching and crisis management announcements to help people when mentally frozen in place. R.E.A.C.T.

Run, Escape, Avoid Conflict, Communicate and Team up is what you’ll remember when you hear R.E.A.C.T. coming over the local speaker. This simple word will break your freeze and send you immediately into action. Instructions on remembering your training are critical to taking actionable steps towards your ultimate safety and survival.

Safety & Security Look-in

We have virtual guards in the cloud accessing surveillance video feeds armed with the ability to impact an active threat.

This mighty integration is the only way to get eyes on the inside prior to Law Enforcement arriving. This allows Law Enforcement to develop a plan as they are being dispatched to the scene. Once they arrive, they will have better insight on where to set up, what door to breach and who they might be looking for.

Crisis Management - READY-U

Communication and crisis management software can deliver The Right Message, to The Right People, at The Right Time.

Managing a crisis takes planning, people and tools. Ready-U software is the skeleton key that gives you access to all 3. Emergency mapping, roster check-ins (all-safe), electronic fillable forms and radio interoperability just to name a few features. Ready-U will help you devise a strategy and set up the software so that each person knows what to do, where to go and what the next step is.